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Kevork Andonian is a composer, orchestrator, arranger, songwriter and pianist. Originally from Ottawa, Canada he is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Music Composition and Film Scoring at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he is also a Teaching Fellow. While at UCLA he has studied composition with Ian Krouse, Roger Bourland, James Newton and David Lefkowitz. Andonian developed a great passion for music creation at an early age. At age six he began writing music out on score. Andonian holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Carleton University where he studied composition with the late Canadian composer Patrick Cardy, graduating with Highest Honors in 2001. The recipient of many scholarships and awards, Andonian was also awarded the Carleton University Medal in Music upon his graduation. As well, he holds a Master of Music in Theory and Composition from the University of Ottawa where he taught as a part-time professor. His thesis advisor was Steven Gellman, a prominent Canadian composer who studied with Luciano Berio, Vincent Persichetti and Olivier Messiaen.

A versatile composer, Kevork Andonian has composed for the concert hall, theater, as well as for film, video, multimedia and dance productions. His creative musical language stresses the importance of melody, rich harmonies and evocative sonorities. A variety of emotions, rhythms and instrumental colors are portrayed in his music. He draws his inspiration from classical music, a myriad of world musics, jazz and pop. Currently he lives and works in Los Angeles and is Resident Composer of the Los Angeles Dream Orchestra.

Canada, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Finland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Spain and Armenia have all hosted performances of Kevork Andonian’s compositions and symphonic arrangements. His musical output has been performed by world-class musicians including the Grammy-nominated Lincoln Trio, members of the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada, the Omaha Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic in prestigious concert venues such as Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio, Barcelona’s Auditori, New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Los Angeles’s Walt Disney Hall.

In Belgium, world-renowned flutist Marc Grauwels and marimbist Sarah Mouradoglou recorded a composition by Kevork Andonian titled “A Longing For Joy” for the Naxos record label. The name of the album is Music for Flute and Percussion, Vol. 2 and is currently in worldwide distribution. Recently Andonian composed a piece for Native American flute, violin, frame drum and piano to be released on a Canadian CD album dedicated to music based on Aboriginal themes. The Native flute player for this project is Ron Korb, who was Grammy-nominated in 2016.

Kevork Andonian also has written songs he would like to promote to various artists; he has worked on pop and world music albums in Canada and the United States including the production of a demo song for the album I Look To You by the late Whitney Houston. Andonian finds much fulfillment and joy in collaborating with choreographers, lyricists, filmmakers, producers, and other musicians. He is also an accomplished pianist and performs in many musical genres. He has performed at international festivals in North America and Europe as well as for heads of state including Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada.

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